Services for Consultancies

Senior life science consultancy directors for all your sales and stakeholder engagement needs within low risk contracts and with proven return on investment.

Services for consultancies

We know the situation all too well. Your consultants get busy on projects and they stop selling; or they are so research focussed they shy away from sales conversations. You advertise for top tier business development directors only to commit to high incentive packages and disappointing results. Let us provide consistent lead generation activities within a flexible contract, where continuation is based on ability to recoup your investment in our services. Let us simultaneously train your teams to harness their natural characteristics to become authentic sellers and establish effective key account strategies. If project demands increase you can outsource payer/KOL engagement to us too. "How have you lived without us for this long?" we hear you ask!

Freelance Business Development and Lead Generation

Often initially as a three month taster contract, let us prove that our activities can recoup the investment in our freelance business development and lead generation services.

Turning Consultants into Sellers: Workshop / Training Day

This workshop helps harness the natural abilities of consultants to pull astute insights from project experience enabling authentic communication of solutions and leadership of sales encounters.

Independent Customer Satisfaction Interviews

Independent researchers who speak the language of both you and your service user to produce useful insights and opportunities

Market Research and Advisory Boards among your Pharma / MedTech customer base

Let us gather insights from representatives of your Pharma/MedTech customers regarding your value messages, service offering, processes and image.

Key Account Management for Life Science Consultancies: Workshop and customised framework

For consultancies to Pharma/MedTech, research on key accounts can be time consuming and quickly outdated. We have developed a nimble but effective process for this niche industry.

Blog Article Writing

Let us unclog your marketing bottlenecks, by interviewing your staff and ghost-writing blog articles on your behalf.