Key Account Management for Life Science Consultancies: Workshop and customised framework

We have developed a nimble but effective KAM process for the consultancy to Pharma/MedTech environment.

We propose that traditional key account management strategies are not fit for purpose in the consultancy to pharma/medtech environment. This is because typically these methods seek to understand the challenges, needs and value messaging of an entire company; but within pharma/medtech there may be separate challenges, needs and value messages by therapeutic area or even by product. Furthermore, the priority focus shifts quickly for our pharma/medtech client companies as does the client contact for a particular project.

We propose that often key account strategies fail in this environment, because a KAM may invest hard pressed time researching information about their client company which quickly goes out of date.

From experience working within life science consultancies, as well as being exposed to traditional training on gold-standard KAM strategies. We have developed a more fit-for-purpose, pragmatic and nimble process to client development for this environment. We can introduce this via a one off workshop or a tailored programme of training over 9 months which results in a customized internal process. The aim is for a trained workforce where every member is bought into the process and has a part to play. Researchers, analysts and admin functions share the research burden, while managers overlay this information with conversation elicited insights and goal setting and senior partners have quick and easy oversight of progress.

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