Turning Consultants into Sellers: Workshop / Training Day

Helping to harness the natural abilities of consultants to pull astute insights from project experience.

“I hate selling!”
“I am not a seller, I am a researcher/ consultant”
“I am motivated by producing robust research more than squeezing maximum monetary return for services”
“I cringe when people try to sell to me, so why would I want to do it to them?”
“I find sales training 'cheesy' and can’t bear 'in your face' hard sell”
“My approach to sales is natural and relational and my sales figures are good. I don’t want to be forced to follow a contrived theory that will make me lack authenticity”

Find out why these things make you ideally suited to consultancy based selling through this workshop facilitated by an ex-nurse and medical writer who became a sales director for a multi-national life science consultancy.

This workshop empowers consultants and researchers to more effectively sell, by allowing you (in fact, encouraging you) to be yourself. In this workshop, we cast aside the term “selling” and focus on grasping the clients challenges and pressures and demonstrating astute insights in a way that lets the customer not only trust your perspective, but buy into your suggested way forward and causes them to see YOU as an essential ingredient for a positive outcome.

The training will also focus on client development or key account management how to become a true collaborator and how to gain a referral to a colleague or an expansion of your services within the same company.

What others have said about this training:

Just to say thanks for a great training day yesterday. The team had very positive feedback and I believe they (and I certainly) took away some good learnings from the day.

The training session was very engaging. [Gatehouse ICS] made the session very interesting and exceeded my expectations. Many thanks!

[Gatehouse ICS] delivered a very focused training session (Consultancy Based Selling), tailored directly to our selling situation and our group. Providing information that was relevant, in an engaging way and bringing out the human side of selling. I feel confident that I will be able to use everything I was taught in a real environment

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