Services for Health Innovators / Health Systems

Top tier health economic and market research support within accessible budgets for early stage innovations. What are you waiting for?

Gatehouse ICS are helping healthcare innovators

It is never too early to test the assumptions behind your health innovation among your potential customer or partner base. Yet health economic and market research services can seem out of reach for early stage health innovators. We are here to help! We have created pragmatic solutions fit for the stage of your journey and available data and budgets. Why? Because we are passionate about the success of good ideas, for the benefit of all stakeholders (not least patients). Click below to discover how to make the next step in your health innovation journey.

Interview Based Market Research on Health System Acceptability / Feasibility

We have over 10,000 contacts across health systems and Pharma/MedTech. Let us gain early insights from users and potential partners on your behalf.

Demystifying Health Economics: Seminar and Early Stage Modelling

A seminar designed to make health economics more understandable and accessible to the non health economist. Plus services to help craft your early stage health economic argument

Independent Customer Satisfaction Interviews

Independent researchers who speak the language of both you and your service user to produce useful insights and opportunities