Demystifying Health Economics: Seminar and Early Stage Modelling

A seminar designed to make health economics more understandable and accessible to the non-health economist.

This seminar, which is delivered by staff experienced in practical health economics and postgraduate curriculum design & tutoring, can be tailored for healthcare professionals; pharmaceutical sellers and health innovators.

We help the audience to understand and empathise with the need for health economics, to “get it” when people mention a QALY or an ICER and to begin to apply principles to their own ideas and decision making.

We are a collaboration/training provider to numerous academic health science networks and have strong links to health system decision makers at a local and national level. We can direct you to these organisations, stakeholders and processes.

Gatehouse ICS was able to provide invaluable insight to understanding the NHS as a marketplace and articulating the benefits of innovations. Having their expert knowledge of both clinical and commercial work was a great asset to the programme. West of England Health Innovation Programme: Programme lead West of England Academic Health Science Network

The seminar was delivered in a refreshingly clear and relevant way to help innovators in the health and wellbeing sector understand how they might build their economic business case.  Highly recommended! SET Squared Health Innovation Programme delivery partners

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