Services for Pharma/MedTech

We give you the insights you need without unnecessary add-ons, resulting in deliverables that are cost effective and fit for purpose.

Pharma and medtech research from Gatehouse ICS

Whether you need to enhance your understanding before steering your team in a certain direction; want to consider an analogous case study that might have learnings for your product; want to understand the main decision making organisations or influencers in a therapeutic area or want to conduct an early stage commercial sense check regarding the internal excitement of a new asset, we are here to help.

Our team is experienced in desk-based research including literature and database reviews; as well as interview based research including clinicians, payers and patient representatives. The directors bring a rich heritage in this academic methodology as well as vast commercial experience. This experience enables us to give you a cost-effective approach to your commercial questions regarding your value proposition or evidence base.

As an independently owned company we have the liberty to choose projects that are the perfect fit for our blended, experience-led and entry level investment model (more about us). In turn this model provides us with lower overheads. This means we have the freedom to work on early-stage pipeline research, or ad hoc commercial questions that other consultancies would find budget prohibitive.

Stakeholder Engagement and Interviews (Payer, Patient Group, KOLs)

Cost-effective quick turnaround interviews of your key stakeholders with optional desk-based research.

Stakeholder Surveys (Payer, Patient Groups, KOLs)

Cost-effective quick turnaround surveys of your key stakeholders with optional desk based research.