Top tier, industry-specific, sales & research support for life science consultancies, all within flexible, no-obligation contracts and transparent proof of activity & results.

We are, in essence, a consultancy to consultancies. Perhaps a bit of a tongue twister, but it is hard to know how else to say it. More specifically, we work for life science consultancies, that is, consultancies to the pharmaceutical & medtech industry.

Primarily, we are here to help you sell your consultancy services to the pharma industry; though you can also outsource stakeholder engagement and payer/KOL research to us on behalf of your pharma/medtech clients.

We also have both a passion and the services to help Health Innovators sell into health systems through early stage health economics & market research.

Our two senior directors each spent over 15 years in top-10 life science consultancy and pharma roles in project management, sales directorship and pharma sales/NHS liaison. We know your challenges first hand, and we are here to help.

Why not benefit from our top tier, industry-specific sales & research support?

We offer flexible no-obligation contracts, and provide ongoing, transparent proof of our activity and results.

Yes… it really is that simple.

That’s enough about us. What best describes your current situation?

  • We need a dedicated Business Development function

    Gain the BD support of senior directors, each having over 15 years experience in life science consultancies and prior roles in business development and project management, as well as proven track records in generating leads, RFPs and projects. Take advantage of this experience within a flexible, short-term ‘taster’ contract, with no obligation to extend if there’s insufficient return on your investment.

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  • We are convinced consultants make the best sellers

    So are we! Now let’s help them believe it too!

    We offer sales training workshops run by ex-senior consultants/directors in your niche industry. We believe this will help harness the natural persona of your consultants to sell based on their own astute insights and empower them to steer the sales encounter without losing authenticity or credibility. These sales training workshops are customised around your team, processes and services, and are typically hosted at your own office facilities.

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  • We need to turn satisfied Pharma/MedTech clients into repeat buyers

    Proven results in extending and expanding your services within a key account. Capture of customer quotes useful for marketing. Fly on the wall insights to improve client relationships.

    All this is obtained through client satisfaction interviews that are conducted by experienced senior consultancy personnel in your niche industry; with sales focussed steer and follow-up.

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  • We think our services are valuable to our Pharma/MedTech clients

    Why don’t you find out for sure? Let us secure for you a panel representative of your pharma customers, and obtain feedback on your offering and messaging. This will provide you with ‘fly on the wall’ insights regarding your client’s needs and challenges. All services would be conducted on your behalf by experienced senior consultancy personnel in your niche industry.

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  • We need a pragmatic and effective Key Account Management strategy

    Traditional Key Account Management (KAM) is challenging within the consultancy to pharma/medtech environment due to shifting client priorities, as well as moving project contacts. Combining gold standard methodology with pragmatic situational analysis and nimble data collection, let us create a bespoke KAM strategy and roll it out across your organisation. We’ll also train your team as we go.

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We also offer additional services to both Pharma/MedTech and Health Innovators.

Outsource services to us on behalf of your pharma/medtech clients, while retaining control.

Obtain experienced health economic and market research support for your health innovation.

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