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Our Approach

Our approach to projects ensures that we deliver the right results in the right way for all the projects we support.

We are seasoned consultants and directors in the life science sector who have been around the block a bit! We have seen it all and we know what is truly innovative in your product or service offering.

We have reached the stage in our careers where the next step on the corporate ladder is less motivating than seeing the sparks that fly from connections and insights that generate real success and make a positive impact across the life science industry.

By collaborating with Gatehouse ICS, you have the experience of a large consultancy, with an approach and budget tailored to be accessible to all.

Natural Networkers

We cannot help ourselves, it’s what we love doing best - connecting good people with great ideas, products and services, particularly in the science and innovation domains. We are extremely proficient at stakeholder engagement for interview research, drawing on our extensive global network day in, day out and we love it!

Natural Communicators

We know there is always a motivating narrative- a story to be told- even behind the most complex data or research propositions. That narrative is key for connecting you to the right people and distilling the insights needed for success. It is also key for our relationship with you, to help us journey together towards success.

Natural Investigators

Call us nosey, but we thrive on the sleuthing nature of identifying the right connections and insights to maximise the success of innovations and innovators. For us, it is never just a numbers game- we want to see the sparks that fly from GOOD insights and connections. We are in this for the thrill of innovation, the furtherance of science and the meaningful impact that can have on individuals and society.

Naturally Pragmatic

Let's face it, we've been around the block a bit! We know and are experienced in compliant and robust methodological standards for desk/interview based market research. However, we will never use a hammer to crack a nut. We know no two challenges are the same so always keep the commercial question front of mind and use principles of good research applied pragmatically to your budget/purpose.

But just who are we?

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