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Market Research

Gatehouse ICS have global reach

At Gatehouse ICS, we support all aspects of life science market research at any stage of a life science innovation development.

From small scale, early feasibility studies and recruitment only opportunities, through to full-service market research projects, Gatehouse ICS can provide a solution as unique as the question to be answered.

We combine our rich heritage in robust academic methodology with experience-based confidence to pivot towards the most pragmatic and cost-effective approach for answering commercial or service improvement questions.

Further details on some Gatehouse ICS services are below, but please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Gatehouse ICS is a member of both the ABPI and BHBIA.

Early Opportunity Assessment

Innovations can only deliver their potential if a need and willingness to pay exists. Prior to embarking on expensive research and development, we recommend seeking the opinions of payers and experts to gain early insight about where your future innovation fits, validate your current insights and raise awareness of challenges you might not have considered.

Therapy area and industry experts can provide valuable insight about where treatment pathways might be in future years; helping you understand if the market need that you think exists, will still exist when you launch.

Target Product Profiles (TPP)

Do you need a comprehensive overview of the current therapeutic environment and the size of the unmet need? Our TPP qualitative interviews provide insight about critical market opportunities, potential price points and possible routes to market access.

Small Scale Survey-Based Insights

If you require small scale (maximum of 20 participants) quantitative research to validate your insight generation and qualitative research or HTA submissions, the Gatehouse ICS team can offer this to you as a cost-effective option.

Stakeholder Recruitment

Utilising our global network of experts within the life science industry, Gatehouse ICS is ideally placed to successfully recruit stakeholders as part of your market research projects.

Interviews, Focus Group and Ad-Boards

We can moderate 1:1 interviews, or successfully organise and facilitate small group interview sessions, both connecting you to insights from key opinion leaders capable of answering the most important questions, but also to facilitating discussions around conflicting views to ensure all the voices that might impact success are heard.

Value Message Testing

Ensuring value messages resonates with the target audience across various global markets is as critical as the innovation development. Without this critical step, payers may not see the value of the innovation.

Through our broad experience of different therapy areas, global markets and innovation developments, the Gatehouse ICS team have the right experience to validate these messages.

Reimbursement and Regulatory Landscape Insight Interpretation

The life science regulatory and reimbursement landscape is a complicated one. Often when developing innovations there may be someone that has gone before. Our analogous research uncovers insights from previously launched innovations, to assess regulatory or reimbursement actions that were required, and to uncover learnings from the activities of those who have walked the road before you.