Providing services for Life Science Consultancies, Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology Companies and Health Innovators.

Services to Pharaceutical and Medical Technology

Services for Pharma/MedTech

Trained according to BHBIA/ABPI standards in healthcare market research and with a network of over 10,000 stakeholders we can secure, introduce, interview or survey according to your needs.

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Services to Healthcare Innovators

Services for Health Innovators / Health Systems

Let us conduct early stage market research regarding your health innovation, while helping you to speak the buying language of health systems through health economic advise, support and training.

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Senior life science consultancy directors providing freelance business development and lead generation to consultancies to pharma/medtech, as well as training consultants to become effective sellers and key account managers. With a reputation for securing hard to reach stakeholders in record time, you can also outsource your stakeholder engagement activities to us; from identifying and introducing an important expert, to interviewing or conducting surveys through a customised platform, all the while allowing you to retain project control. We also enjoy helping to demystify health economics for health innovators while providing early stage market research and health economic modelling support where large consultancy support would be out of budget reach.

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